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SAP joins the OpenJDK

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OpenJDK, Oracle's open-source Java SE implementation released under the GPL license, gained another contributor today as SAP signed the Oracle Contributor Agreement. As most of you know, the OpenJDK aims to release their open-source implementations of the Java SE with related specifications as they are produced by the Java Community Process (JCP), which SAP is already an active participant.

SAP, the German global software corporation that specializes in making enterprise software for small and medium sized enterprises, has been a long time Sun and Oracle Java source licensee. The corporation knows their way around the JDK, and has ported Sun and Oracle JDKs to 14 SAP supported platforms.

By signing the agreement, SAP can join the OpenJDK mailing list and discussions, and the corporation's JVM developers can contribute patches and enhancements to upcoming OpenJDK releases. The general response from the OpenJDK community has been positive and supportive because of their reputation as a well-established name in the Java industry. The OpenJDK voting has been stacked in favor of  Oracle because they are contributing the majority of the patches, and SAP's inclusion brings some much-needed diversity to the project. OpenJDK will become the official Java SE 7 reference implementation when it is released two weeks from today.

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