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SAP launch MOOC style online courseware

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SAP launch MOOC style online courseware

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Last year I looked at the impact of Massive Online Open Courses and other forms of online learning were having on learning in the workplace.

So it's interesting to read that software giant SAP are to launch their own MOOC style platform.

The site, called Open.SAP.com, aims to offer employees and other people interested in the SAP environment, a range of courses on topics that the company believe are key to success in the SAP world.

For instance, the first module available is an introduction to software development on SAP HANA.  SAP recommend that people spend around 5 hours per week for six weeks on the course, which has thus far attracted around 20,000 students.

The students will be given a typical MOOC style experience, mixing video tutorials with multiple answer assignments.  An end of class exam is delivered in the same format.

If students score higher than 50% in all of the assignments will be given a 'record of achievement' on their openSAP profile page.

The student code shows how seriously SAP are taking this initiative.

  • I will not share my access to openSAP with another person.
  • I will work on weekly assignments and exams on my own without the help of another person.
  • I will not publish course materials, made available through openSAP, in any way on other sites.
  • I will not make available solutions to weekly assignments and exams in any way to other learners on openSAP.
  • I will not publish on openSAP any material unrelated to the objectives of a social learning platform.

It's an interesting extension to the learning that most companies offer to employees.  By opening up to external students as well it's a nice step.


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