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Saros: Distributed Pair Programming for Eclipse


The Saros Team is proud to announce the release of our third beta version 9.6.23.

What is Saros?

Saros is an Eclipse plugin for collaborative text editing that in particular targets distributed pair programming (also called remote pair programming), but can support arbitrarily many participants at once. All members of a session have an identical copy of an Eclipse project and Saros keeps these copies in sync as editing progresses.

One or more authors ("drivers" in pair programming lingo) can edit files in a shared project while one or more "observers" can either follow the author's activity (automatically by enabling the "follow mode" or manually by opening the file(s) in question) or can look around elsewhere in the project. Markers in everybody's viewport will indicate who is currently seeing what ("awareness information") and all participants can highlight text for others by means of simple text selection which will be shown in different colors according to the participant.

Saros is a research project of the Software Engineering group of the Freie Universität Berlin. Visit our website for more information.

What's new in release 9.6.23?

In the last three weeks Saros has improved most notably with regards to

  * ...supporting the use of the same Jabber-ID for Saros and a normal instant messaging client.
  * ...only sharing parts of a project.
  * ...various problems in the synchronisation and invitation process.
  * ...the collection of anonymous usage statistics for our research project.
  * ...the heuristic for staying in follow mode when drivers change.

To obtain the new release, head over to our project site at SourceForge or use our Eclipse plugin update site. If you want to be notfied on every new release, feel free to subscribe to our announcement mailing-list.


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