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Saving Users Preferences In Air

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Saving Users Preferences In Air

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For saving a users preferences in Air, use the code as follows:

import com.adobe.air.preferences.PreferenceChangeEvent;
import com.adobe.air.preferences.Preference;

/* Create a new prefernce variable and give it a name */
private var prefs:Preference =  new Preference( "settings.obj" );

/* Create a new bytearry to store the data */
private var byteArray:ByteArray = new ByteArray();

/* Create a new fileStream variable to open up the local file system */
private var fileStream:FileStream;

/* The user data */
[Bindable] private var userData:User;

/* Register some event listeners to see when the prefrences change */
private function init():void
	prefs.addEventListener( PreferenceChangeEvent.PREFERENCE_CHANGED_EVENT, onPrefChange );

/* When they change, set the action to edit, and update the files */
private function onPrefChange( event:PreferenceChangeEvent ):void
	if ( event.action == PreferenceChangeEvent.ADD_EDIT_ACTION )
		//The new value
		trace( event.newValue );
	} else if ( event.action == PreferenceChangeEvent.DELETE_ACTION )
		//The old value
		trace( event.oldValue );

/* Save the settings, it the checkbox is selected then lets save it */
private function saveSettings():void
	if ( cb_remember.selected )
		/* preferences variable, give it a name, set the value, encyrpted or not */
		prefs.setValue( "username", txt_username.text, false );
		prefs.setValue( "password", txt_password.text, true );				
	} else {
		//Do nothing
	//Saved or Edited preferences
	trace( prefs );

When the application loads, check the settings to see if anything has changed, if it has, set the value
of the new values to the values of the inputs 
private function checkSettings():void
	txt_username.text = prefs.getValue( "username" );
	txt_password.text = prefs.getValue( "password" );

//Clear settings, and start from scratch
private function clearSettings():void
	txt_username.text = "";
	txt_password.text = "";

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