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SAWS is the AWS CLI You Need and Deserve

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SAWS is the AWS CLI You Need and Deserve

Is it too hard to remember 50+ top-level commands and ~1400 subcommands in the AWS CLI? There's an open source CLI tool that can really help you with it's autocomplete features.

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Before Amazon Web Services released version 1.0 of their Command Line Interface about two years ago, there were scores of open source tools that were way more productive than the AWS equivalent. Initially, Amazon was more focused on their GUI interface, but many users wanted a great CLI client for scripting.

When AWS finally delivered a good CLI, a lot of those open source tools didn't have any advantages over the built-in tools anymore.  Some still stuck around though, and some new ones have even emerged to surpass the AWS CLI client once again.

One great example I ran into today was the Supercharged AWS Command Line Interface (SAWS)

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Its big focus is autocomplete. Comprehensive autocompletes are an important feature when you consider that AWS has over 50 top-level commands and about 1400 subcommands.  The project page for SAWS also mentions that AWS has tons of command-specific options and resources like instance tags and buckets that can be too hard to remember without some kind of assistance.

SAWS has autocomplete capabilities that address all of those things and it supports the same commands and command structure as the AWS CLI.

If you, or someone you know at your company is using AWS, you might want to have them take a look at SAWS.

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