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Scaffolding Tool for Windows Azure Mobile Services

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One of my biggest mantras is:

“Write only the code that only you can write”

What I mean is, if the code you are writing could be written by any competent developer (because it is infrastructure and not germane to the IP or ‘special sauce’ of what you are doing) then you should find a tool, or a framework, or something to provide that for you.

There is of course a right way and a wrong way to plug in any tool/framework into your code, but that is a blog for a different day.

I have really fallen in love with WAMS (Windows Azure Mobile Services). I love how it is easy to use, scaffolds out the back end data simply, and has open source tools for all the popular platforms out there. It’s just great stuff.

I also like how quickly the team moves with enhancements, and how open they are to listening to developers input on what the next set of features are.IMG_7226

One thing I would really like is something to scaffold on the client side. I am tired of writing property bag objects (or whatever name what to call them, PONO’s, etc.), it’s just boring. There are several tools out there that will scaffold a REST interface (which is what the data services in WAMS gives you) but those don’t generate concrete enough objects.

Then I found a tool called APPA WAMS. It will generate client side c# code for you to use. Sometimes I prefer code generators over runtime frameworks. They help with the heavy lifting and get out of the way. You can then tune and tweak from there, without having to live with the sins of the box you installed.

The tool will generate all the code for:

  • Your table definitions
  • Insert statements
  • Read statements
  • View models for your tables

The code it generates will work with any .NET project, especially Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Store apps.

If you are playing with WAMS you should check this tool out. You can read more, with a walkthrough at their site.


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