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Scala Days New York 2016

Scala Days NY 2016 is coming up on May 9-11! Here are a few preview details.

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Scala Days will be in NYC on May 9th through May 11th, 2016.  It will be conveniently located mid-town at AMA Executive Conference Center.   If you are a Scala developer, Spark developer, a Java developer looking to learn or a Big Data enthusiast this will be the place to be in May. More than a few presentations from the last few Scala Days have entered my rotation of must read.

I will be providing in-depth coverage of the event. This along with Spark Summit will be on my must-do list for 2016.

The two days immediately following the event will be some awesome training opportunities for Scala, Spark, SMACK Stack, Microservices, Reactive programming and Akka. The price goes up January 20th and then again on March 16th. So put in those requests ASAP.

The program will be posted in February, but it’s guaranteed to be interesting with topics on Scala, Akka and Spark pretty much assured. Typesafe is involved, so you know there will be good quality content.

Check out some videos from the 2015 Scala Days in San Francisco.

Bold Radius had an awesome talk in 2015 at the event on Akka. Be on hand so you  can ask the experts and speakers questions and get more in-depth knowledge on these advanced topics.

Looking at previous agendas like the one in Amsterdam will be a good preview for you.   Looking at the topics like “Scala – The Real Spark of Data Science,” give you an idea that this will be a very worthwhile conference.

I hope to see you there, I’ll post some more details when they come in.

Check with your local meetup for a discount code. If you are in New Jersey, see me at the NJ Data Science/Spark Meetup and I’ll get you a code.

If you are curious about Scala, check out Typesafe Activator and SBT to quickly get up and running with the full development toolkit in a rapid manner.

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