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Scale Testing Using Modern Scripting Languages and SCM Integrations in TC 11

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Scale Testing Using Modern Scripting Languages and SCM Integrations in TC 11

The latest iteration of TestComplete, version 11, is out. Learn about scale testing with modern scripting languages and SCM in TestComplete 11.

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TC-11-IntegrationsToday, we released a new version of TestComplete. The focus of this release has been to allow organizations to easily scale their testing efforts by making it easier for them to bring QA teams having different skill sets together.

With release cycles getting shortened, reducing manual testing and achieving higher levels of automation are desired. Organizations implementing and scaling automated testing practices often face challenges while reducing this manual testing effort as testing and QA teams do not have the programming skills or are not familiar with automation practices. The steep learning curve for a programming language makes it even more difficult for QA professionals to gain these necessary technical skills. As a result, developers are often required to share the burden for testing, which in turn is not scalable in the long run and results in lower automation levels.

A March 2015 Forrester Research report entitled, “Brief: Offshore Testing Services Must Reinvent Themselves With Automation,” effectively captures this trend by stating, “Our biannual global survey on Agile software development shows that almost 50 percent of Agile teams can’t automate more than 29 percent of their tests, and half of those can’t automate more than 10 percent. The gap is even greater when we add non-Agile teams to the mix. Many Agile teams still struggle to truly deliver frequent updates in production because of these low levels of testing automation.”

To allow organizations to easily scale their testing efforts, TestComplete 11.0 comes with following features:

Support for Python

TestComplete’s support for Python makes it extremely easy for QA teams to adopt automation and reduce manual testing. QA professionals can quickly start creating automated scripts as Python closely mimics English sentence structure. Unlike other programming languages, Python comes with less overhead resulting from variable declaration. Some of the benefits TestComplete provides on top of any Python scripts:

  • Create Automated Python Scripts Easily – Use record and replay functionality of TestComplete to create automated Python scripts without having to learn a scripting the language.
  • Get More From Your Python Scripts – Use TestComplete’s object recognition capabilities to create robust automates tests. Screenshots captured during test runs enable you to find and fix failed Python scripts swiftly.
  • Run Multiple Tests Simultaneously – Scale and execute automated Python tests from the cloud or virtual machines for only $499 a year.
  • Implement Continuous Integration out of the box

    Reduce setup and maintenance time for implementing continuous testing by using out of the box plugins for source control management systems and build tools.

  • Multiple Source Control Management Integration: Maintain test versioning using integration with source control systems such as Git, Subversion, and Mercurial.
  • Plugins for Build Systems: Run tests as a part of automated builds using plugins for build tools like Jenkins.
  • Visual Studio 2015 Integration and Windows 10 Support

    For automation engineers who write their code in Visual Studio IDE, we have some great news. TestComplete 11 works well with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. This means that you can integrate TestComplete tests into your Visual Studio test projects and plans, as well as manage and run TestComplete tests using Microsoft Test Manager and Visual Studio. With TestComplete 11.0, you can also run and test applications on Windows 10.

    Support for the Latest Version of Jscript

    TestComplete 11.0 also comes with support for latest version of Jscript.

    But Wait, There is more! In addition to product enhancements already mentioned, there are other great features available as a part of TestComplete 11.0.  So, do not waste any more time, and try TestComplete 11.0 yourself.

    [This article was written by Nikhil Kaul

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