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Scertify Refactoring Assessment 1.2 is available

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Scertify Refactoring Assessment 1.2 is available

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Scertify™ Refactoring Assessment 1.2 is available. This new version is a keystone of the upcoming features for Technical Debt benchmark, which will be more accurate and user-oriented thanks to contextual data on projects (ie: open source, business sector, web application, framework, etc.).


Scertify™ Refactoring Assessment 1.2  is an open source component dedicated to development & QA teams that provides exclusive benchmark data on Software Quality. It automatically detects the portions of an application that can be refactored, gives valuable information on refactoring strategies, and costs.

Users are now able to attach contextual information to their projects

  • Generic Information (collected once for a user and associated to all his projects):
    • Business Sector (ie: Industry, Telecom, Finance, Insurance, etc.)
    • Firm Size
  • Project Information (collected once for a user):
    • Application Type: Business, Embedded, Framework, Mobile, Web applications
    • Development Type: Internal (In-House), External (Outsourced), Open Source applications

 The next version of the plugin will offer to users the capacity to exploit collected information, in order to improve the benchmark of projects. For example, code metrics of an in-house mobile application developped by a bank will be compared to other in-house mobile applications of other banks.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix NullPointerException in evaluation page for projects of non object languages (ie JavaScript)
  • Fix NullPointerException with manual rules
  • Fix potential bug with sql server database on sonar initialisation (duplicated metric)

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