Score Card: NetBeans Governance Board #20

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Score Card: NetBeans Governance Board #20

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As the NetBeans community votes to install a new team for the 21st cycle of the NetBeans Governance Board, Hermien Pellissier and Anton Epple, the community-elected members of the outgoing board, reflect on what their year-long term has meant.

What has been the benefit to you of serving on the NetBeans Governance Board?

Hermien: I have gained a clearer understanding of how the NetBeans team functions, and the processes that make it possible to produce great software. In my own work and company, I hope to follow the example set by this very successful team!

Toni: Seeing on a different level that NetBeans values its community’s involvement.

What happened in your term on the board?

Toni: The main task of the Governance is to resolve issues in the community. Fortunately, we had a very quiet term—no conflicts. Personally, this left me free to focus on normal community activities, such as teaching students about the NetBeans Platform and writing articles about NetBeans.

Any recommendations for the next Governance Board?

Hermien: The most important thing that the next governance board can do is to be as visible as possible to the community, so that the original the role of the board stays clear to all community members.

Toni: One thing I had intended but did not manage to do was to organize a NetBeans Platform Hackergarten , in which NetBeans engineers and contributors show interested community members how they can work with the sources and contribute patches. It’s an idea that would be great for the next team to work on.

What are your plans after the Governance Board?

Hermien: I still enjoy being a part of the NetCAT  team, and will remain involved with that. I am also planning to present a NetBeans Platform training in South Africa sometime this year.

Hermien and Toni, thank you for serving on the 20th NetBeans Governance Board. Good luck with your other endeavors.

Who will be the new team for Board #21? There's still time to vote! 

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