Scott Berkun Delivers Inspiration at Quality Jam 2016

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Scott Berkun Delivers Inspiration at Quality Jam 2016

The room was packed to the brim as Scott Berkun delivered the opening Quality Jam Keynote address to a 175-member audience.

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The room was packed to the brim as Scott Berkun delivered the opening Quality Jam Keynote address to a 175-member audience. The audience was so excited to welcome Scott to the conference that the Expo floors were buzzing with chatter of his name and accolades before he entered the room.

A little background: Scott Berkun is a bestselling author and popular speaker on creativity, philosophy, culture, business and many other subjects. He’s the author of six books, including  The Myths of Innovation,  Confessions of a Public Speaker, and The Year Without Pants.

His latest book, The Year Without Pants was named an Amazon.com best book of the year.  He blogs multiple times a week.  If you are looking to read some of Scott’s work, a great place to start is with reading Best of Berkun (my best posts of all time).

Full Keynote: The Myths of Innovation


5 Key Takeaways

  1. Our world is filled with bad jargon.  Scott has a theory that “Whoever uses the most jargon has the least confidence in their ideas“.  The teams that do well are using simple words like prototype, goal, experiment, success not words like “disrupted the innovation game changing moment”.  Anyone can take a word and use it whenever they want.  Here is Scott’s list of words to not use:
    • Innovative / Radical / Paradigm-shift
    • Transformative
    • Revolutionary
    • Breakthrough
    • Disruptive
    • Game changing
  2.  The myth of epiphany: Most of the stories we hear focus on “Eureka” moments. The day the Wright Brothers took flight, the moment Issac Newton discovered gravity (when the apple fell).  These are stories, but not the true stories; we know them because they are easier to remember. “We remember simple lies to complex truths”
  3. We understand innovation history: We are terrible at history.  Scott blames Star Trek for this because in every scene the Star Trek explorers find something, leading us to believe that real life explorers discover something new every day. When in reality the stats for modern “explorers” goes something more like this:
    • “90% of startups fail in the first 4 years”
    • “80% of new product launches fail in the first year”
  4. People love change: Most great ideas cause changes and the change does not make everyone happy, like taking jobs away.  Progress is change:
    • People resist change
    • Creativity generates possible futures
    • But even with great ideas, change is still difficult and slow
    • Persuasion and perseverance are as important as creativity
  5. The best idea does not always win: There are many factors that trump the success of a good idea.  Including:
    • Market timing
    • Persuasion / Advertising Competition
    • Ideas are easier than products
    • We can’t predict the future

Scott’s unique way of looking at creativity and experimentation had an impact on every #QualityJam16 attendee. Scott’s skill for telling stories provided inspiration for all who heard it—and served as the perfect kick-of to the first Quality Jam event.  

Everyone at the conference went home with a  free autographed copy of Berkun’s Book “The Myths of Innovation.

Missed Quality Jam 2016? Check out the full recap and some of the video coverage on our YouTube Channelwe’ve collected from the conference. And don’t forget to register for Quality Jam 2017 in Atlanta!

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