Scrum + Kanban = Scrumban

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Scrum + Kanban = Scrumban

Scrumban is a hybrid of scrum and kanban process, taking the best of both agile worlds.

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While much is written about the advantages of scrum over traditional approaches like Waterfall, in a single line it makes things easier for all the stakeholders of project. Kanban, on the other hand, is a lean manufacturing process. It is used for a logistic control system. Kanban is a Japanese term which means “Visual board” or “Card you can see.”

Scrumban is a hybrid of scrum and kanban process.

Scrumban = Scrum + Kanban

Let’s see the main characteristics of both methodologies:


  1. Cross-functional, self-organized teams
  2. Time boxed approach where iterative development leads to potentially shippable code
  3. Inspect and adapt the approach
  4. A prioritized list of features to be worked upon in a given sprint


  1. Visualize workflow
  2. Use named column to indicate the current state of an item in the workflow
  3. Limit work in process: By assigning explicit limit on items in work it helps a lot for situations where there is a constant need for re- reprioritization of items and task switching

Scrumban Can Be Used

  • For maintenance of different applications
  • For event-driven work, like IT support/help desks
  • Projects with frequent and unexpected user stories

Here is a typical workflow or Kanban board for maintenance project:

Image title

Why scrumban is suitable for a maintenance project:

  • High priority/show stopper items can popup any time
  • Need to work on items as and when they appear. No prioritized and committed PBIs
  • Still go in a time boxed approach using scrum with having limit on WIP
  • Can easily visualize work items
  • Instead of velocity, a kanban metric cycle time is used, which gives us more realistic information (i.e. a time a ticket takes to complete) measured from when it is first began
  •  You can still use sprint retrospectives to identify what was done right and what can be improved

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