The Scrum Master: A Wizard

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The Scrum Master: A Wizard

Yer a wizard, Scrum Master! Not really, but this concise article should give you a better idea about what a Scrum Master actually is and does.

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We all know Agile Scrum framework is prevailing these days. Every field is adapting Scrum as it provides transparency in work and helps maintain trust among people. With increases in the use of Scrum and Agile, one term that we all hear is a ‘Scrum Master’. When organisations think of creating a Scrum team and developing their deliveries through Agile, everybody looks at the Scrum Master as a wizard. What are the perceptions of a Scrum Master? What does a Scrum Master do and what should a team expect from him?

 In a standard organisation, the Scrum Master is the most debated and challenging role. Every person in the organisation has its own perceptive regarding it. People generally think the role is confined to five aspects of Scrum, or Scrum ceremonies: orgnanization, business justification, quality, change, and risk. 

The Scrum Master is a change agent for cultural shift of an organisation to adapt an Agile mind-set. He is the one who ensures Agile processes are adopted in the organisation. He works towards increasing transparency and winning the trust of people by clearing the communication channels between team members, including product managers and stakeholders.

The Scrum Master is a pioneer to show the path which leads to team (and not just individual) success. He is a motivator, a transformational and influential leader who believes in empowering the teams, and at the same time takes all stakeholders along to reach a common goal of agility.

The Scrum Master also facilitates the ceremonies, and makes sure that all stakeholders adhere to the process. The process is more of a discipline, where the Scrum rules (time boxing, regular cadence, etc.) play very important roles.

I would like to conclude with the points that a Scrum Master is an integral part and member of team. Scrum Masters works closely with teams to achieve milestones, and he has to indulge and involve with people of different mindsets to remove impediments for a quality delivery. Teams can achieve success by following the Scrum values: commitment, focus, openness, respect and courage.

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