Scrum Master, the Modern Manager

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Scrum Master, the Modern Manager

The word 'Scrum Master' can bring with it connotations of seniority. But, as one Scrum whiz explains, Scrum Masters should truly be servant leaders, having 'mastered' Scrum.

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A Scrum Master is rarely seen, let alone enacted, as a management role. The role, however, does show us how a modern manager would act.

Scrum Master, as a modern manager, fosters an environment of safety. An environment of safety is an environment in which people, from a traditional point of view, act in a highly unsafe way; speaking up, challenging, sharing, thinking, pausing, collaborating, deviating, creating, innovating.

In the past, I have already published my views on how Scrum Master is a manager. I have now highlighted the essence of the Scrum Master role in a short movie. It takes less than 3 minutes of your time. Enjoy!

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