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ScrumWorks Pro 4.4 Harnesses CollabNet Framework

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ScrumWorks Pro 4.4 Harnesses CollabNet Framework

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Acquired by CollabNet in February, the developers from Danube have released the next version of their Scrum-based project management software.  Newly unveiled ScrumWorks Pro 4.4 is the first version to leverage the CollabNet Connector Framework, with major changes to the API and bi-directional synching with Team Forge.  CollabNet is known for creating Subversion, which was later donated to Apache.

The last release of ScrumWorks Pro (4.3) included new burndown charts.  4.4 focuses mainly on integrating software in the wake of the CollabNet acquisition.  ScrumWorks Pro is now fully integrated with CollabNet's TeamForge ALM platform.  ScrumWorks Pro artifacts, such as sprints, backlog items, tasks, releases, and themes, can now be linked with source code, wiki entries, email messages, bugs, and other artifacts in the CollabNet TeamForge platform. Users of each product can essentially view and modify Scrum assets in the other, and TeamForge's tracing and advanced search capabilities are now available to both products.

New Task Estimated v. Actual Report

ScrumWorks Pro 4.4 Highlights:

  • CollabNet TeamForge Integration - Bi-directional integration between CollabNet TeamForge (CTF) and ScrumWorks Pro.  Backlog Items, Tasks, Releases, and Themes have been migrated into the CTF landscape.  ScrumWorks Pro’s Backlog Items and Tasks have traceability and searchability benefits across all CTF documents, code, artifacts, wiki, and more.
  • Estimated vs. Actuals Report - Was the most requested new feature by customers.  New reports allow teams to compare task completion estimates to the actual amount of time needed for completion.
  • Original Task Estimates - Another tool to hone the team's estimation skills.  Initial task estimates are recorded in the "Original Task Estimate" field and team members are reminded of the original projection as their estimates change.
  • API Overhaul - The ScrumWorks Pro API is now capable of bi-directional “polling” synchronizations with external tools using a number of methods including "getChangesSinceRevision", which returns changes since a global revision number.
  • Versioned API - 4.4 is the first release to institute a versioned API, which means upgrades will not break integrations using the 4.3 API interface.  Future API changes will always be versioned for backwards compatibility.
  • Bug Fixes - Includes several fixes such as the "0" bug in the Web Client editor and hang ups when closing ScrumWorks when disconnected from the server.

Collabnet CEO Bill Portelli says that his company's goal is to eventually provide distributed Agile ALM on cloud infrastructure.  "The vision included fully integrated capabilities for project and program management, software development, and deployment and delivery in public and private clouds," said Portelli.  Now, he says they have taken the first step towards that vision.

There is also a free version of ScrumWorks called ScrumWorks Basic.  See a feature comparison here.

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