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Search your Open Source components on the largest Open Source knowledge base

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After months of collecting the knowledge base of Open Source projects, I am thrilled to present you Antepedia, a new free service for the Open Source community. Antepedia is an Open Source project search engine that enables you to find all the information about the projects that release a given file.

Antepedia searches information about the release of your component in the largest knowledge base of 660.000 Open Source projects and more than 165 million disctinct files. The Antepedia search engine gives you valuable information about your component.

It informs you about the Open Source projects from which your component comes with description, release date and project host. Often, developers rename the files and it happens you don't remember where this icon or artifact comes from. Antepedia finds back the name of the artifact as it was released. For each project, Antepedia also displays where the information were found.

For instance, if you upload a Java component such as a Junit.jar, you get all information about it. The component is in fact the Junit-4.7.jar, it was found in 8 Open Source projects released in Maven Central, GoogleCode or SourceForge. You can click on the image to go to the result page on Antepedia.

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