Secrets of Top-Performing DevOps Teams at Google and Beyond [Slideshow]

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Secrets of Top-Performing DevOps Teams at Google and Beyond [Slideshow]

High-performing teams do DevOps, and they do it well. Like, hundred-billion-dollar well.

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If you want to do what Google teams can, check into DevOps

Watch this special session with Google's Nikhil Kaul and Nick Pan, as they talk about the practices Google uses to scale its DevOps process while creating 4M builds per day!

Elite DevOps performers deploy on-demand multiple times per day with a change failure rate below 15%. This is just one insight taken from the responses of nearly 1,900 professionals in the 2018 Accelerate State of DevOps Report.

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Join Google's Nikhil Kaul and Nick Pan, as they take a deep-dive on DevOps procedures and best practices, and discuss how organizations of all sizes, across dozens of industries, use DevOps to unlock competitive advantages and core practices found in high- and elite-performing DevOps teams.

Watch this session, and learn:

BONUS - Nikhil and Nick unveiled the new 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps Report - which was released on the same day the webinar was recorded.

Top-performing DevOps teams slide deck

Full webinar recording

Additional DevOps Resources Recommended by Nikhil Kaul and Nick Pan:

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