Security Roundup: Save the Whales!

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Security Roundup: Save the Whales!

Whales are pretty awesome, and so are containers. Learn how to keep you containerized environments safe and secure with these helpful articles.

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Welcome to this edition of the Security Roundup! Last time, we explored methods for securing RESTful APIs and services. This month, we're taking a look at different ways the DZone community is working to add extra layers of security to the popular container solution, Docker. By the end of this roundup, hopefully, you'll have loads more knowledge about Docker security, and will be able to be the developer equivalent of Jacques Cousteau: Jacques Containereau. 

And, as a quick side note, if you're interested in writing for DZone, but don't have a topic in mind, come check out our Bounty Board, where you can win prizes for providing great content, and our Writer's Zone which has plenty of prompts, tips, and tricks! 

Containereau to the Rescue!  

  1. Docker SQL Containers, EKM, and Secure Credentials by Paul Stanton. We take a look at some good practices to keep in mind for both cloud and database security when working with SQL Server and dockerfiles. 

  2. Essential (and Free) Security Tools for Docker by Jim Bird. In this post, we look at some of the best freely available Docker security solutions and explain what problem each of them helps to solve. And, as a nice bonus, all these tools are open sourced! 

  3. 20 Docker Security Tools Compared, Part 1 by Mateo Burillo. In this two-part series, we give an overview of the best tools out there to help you secure your Docker environments and make sure no bad actors get into your container. And if you like Part 1, you can check out Part 2 here!

  4. Docker Registry With a Let's Encrypt Certificate by Carlos Sanchez. Learn how to protect your Docker files from pesky container security threats by generating an encryption certificate. All it takes is a few lines of shell in the terminal and little YAML. 

  5. Introduction to Docker Secrets by Dennis Ball. We introduce Docker secrets, which offer a secure way to store sensitive information such as username, passwords, and files. We'll then use secrets to secure a Docker Swarm and deploy our newly secured service. 

DZone Publications

  1. Refcard #258, Docker Security by Knox Anderson. This Refcard will lay out the basics of the container security challenge, give you hands-on experience with basic security options, and also spell out some more advanced workflows. We split container security into three sections covering what to do at each step of your container security lifecycle.

  2. DZone's Guide to Proactive Security: Apps, Environments, and Messaging featuring articles by Boaz Shunami, Jeff Williams, Katie Strzempka, Chris Lamb, James Wickett, Ivan Dwyer, and Tom SmithWith the rise of high-profile ransomware and DDoS attacks comes a greater need than ever for powerful application security. The 2017 Guide to Proactive Security discusses the actions that experts are taking to combat the growing list of threats, and what developers can do to be proactive in securing their apps and processes.

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