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Seeding Your Hardware Hacks with the Seeed Open Parts Library

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Seeding Your Hardware Hacks with the Seeed Open Parts Library

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Think "little old school Radio Shack in a $75 box of component goodies."


Do you remember the last time you designed a board? Was it a hassle sourcing your components from multiple vendors? Were you frustrated paying multiple shipping costs?

We’re familiar with those issues and other PCB design headaches, so we created OPL v1, an Open Parts Library that includes more than 100 commonly used components. Besides being an economical master toolbox filled with all of your essential building blocks, there are several other compelling reasons to use the Open Parts Library for your next design


  • Accelerated Design Time

Ø Not only are the components offered at a great price, but when combined with our express PCB printing service, your design time is greatly accelerated. We accept small batch PCB orders of 2-10 pieces.  And we offer to help you solder those OPL components to your board. We charge $0.05 per pin for SMD and $0.04 per pin for DIP.

  Ø We also created the OPL Eagle library, making it easy to include these items in your design. In addition, datasheets and 3-D modules will be available for each of the components.

Ø Another goal of OPL is to shorten the lead time to bring your product to market. In other words, we will always have the components adequately stocked, so that no matter what stage you are in the design process, like prototyping or bulk production, the components will always be available and manufacturing can begin at any moment.



OPL eagle library for download

Notice: In eagle library, please pay more attention on layer 46 of footprint, you will find hints for such components.

A package containing the components from the Open Parts Library can be purchased at http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/open-parts-library-p-1560.html




  • $75.00

OPL v1(Open Parts Library v1) is a package of 100+ kinds of components. Such components are commonly-used, quality reliable, DFM friendly and have sufficient stock. Also, their eagle library is free to download. This little package can greatly increase the efficiency for design reference and supply chain optimization.

Here is the Parts List of OPL v1.

Here are the features of OPL v1.


Including IC, resistor, capacitor, inductor, diode, transistor, crystal oscillator, connector and fuse, etc., components in OPL (Open Parts Library) are selected according to their popularity, practicality and compatibility in open source community. For example, Atmega 328p, 16M Crystal Oscillator and mini USB are all collected to provide more convenience in product design and save you some time in component sourcing.

We also collect wishes from you and then update the components in OPL every 6 months.


I really wish I was better at hardware. And even though the thought of firing up my soldering iron gives butterflies, I still think this kit is pretty darn cool and think a bunch of you might find it useful.


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