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SELA Developer Days 2011 - .NET Debugging

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As I wrote about a month ago, this week is a very busy one for us – we’re hosting the SELA Developer Days conference at SELA’s headquarters. The conference registration was truly overwhelming – there are close to 600 participants scheduled to attend the conference’s 25 workshops during the week!


I’m a little biased, but after teaching the .NET Debugging one-day session to a group of 40 enthusiastic developers today, I think the conference organization was superb so far, and that we really managed to create the kind of easygoing, stress-less learning atmosphere which is not so easy to attain at technical conferences.

Some of the highlights of what my attendees saw today:

  • How to read x86 and x64 assembly listings
  • How to generate crash dumps and hang dumps automatically and on-demand
  • How to analyze (“root-cause”) a crash dump using Visual Studio or WinDbg
  • How to find a memory leak in the managed heap using SOS and CLR Profiler
  • How to follow wait chains between managed threads
  • How to pinpoint managed assembly loading failures

If you’re attending the conference during the week, feel free to come up and say hi – I will be delivering sessions tomorrow, on Wednesday and on Thursday. If you’re reading this after the conference and have any unanswered questions, topics you think we should have covered, or any feedback on the conference organization and delivery, I would really appreciate if you could let me know.


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