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Some Self Help For Nerds

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Some Self Help For Nerds

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Some Friday Fun. If being a nerd is making it difficult for you to find ladies, these articles from WikiHow could be just what you need to read.

First up are some valuable tips on how to be the type of nerd that girls love. The ability to silence most mortals with a single paragraph is not to be sniffed at and your extensive knowledge of Star Wars isn't too shabby either. Unfortunately, sometimes, nerds have trouble with girls. You don't want to change yourself but you don't want to be a date free zone either.

Once you've gone through those initial steps, you can probably look at more advanced topics like how to get a girlfriend as a nerd, where you can apply the formula nerd + instructions = girlfriend. The first step is to know your reasons: How badly do you want a girlfriend? Are you doing it for the right reasons? Do you really just want to have a relationship, or do you just want to brag? If you're looking for a girlfriend out of desperation or just to look cooler in front of your friends, your chances of getting a girlfriend are low.

Once you've achieved your goal, you'll probably want to get your new-found girlfriend to join in some lan parties or video game sessions. This article should set you off in the right direction.

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