WebID - Way of Uniquely identifying an Individual on Web

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WebID - Way of Uniquely identifying an Individual on Web

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WebID is a unique way to identify an individual on web. Here individual refers to Company,Organization,Person or any other agent. Its a unique way to identify a person using a URI. WebID This term was coined by Dan Brickley and Tim Berners-Lee in the year 2000. The WebID helps you to publish the data that can be understood in a better way. Everyday you publish data about yourself such as :-

  • Who you know?
  • Your Photos and who are there in it?
  • Your comments about different people and their thoughts?

These are just a few to mention. Now WebID gives you an opportunity to identify correctly the people,places,things pics and many more things. Now using WebID provides you with a better reference about the world you know. Most of the social networking sites provides you with a WebID and this leads to the interconnection and the identification of the information. Social networking sites do share some amount of this data so as to identify different aspects of your life like:-

  • Who your friends are?
  • How are they connected with you?
  • What are their contacts?
  • how many mutual friends you have etc…

So I found a way in which you can get your WebID and use it to get yourself identified uniquely on the web. There are ways depending upon the Social Networking site you use. If you are a Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook user then follow these links and you can get your WebID easily.

  1. http://id.myopenlink.net/javascript/users/users.html— JavaScript driven HTML page
  2. http://id.myopenlink.net/php/users/users.php— PHP generated HTML page
  3. http://id.myopenlink.net/vsp/users/users.vsp— VSP (Virtuoso Server Pages) generated HTML page.

Any one of the above link will work perfectly fine. You will be shown a tabbed menu with all these sites where you can connect and generate your WebID.

*The above links are shared by Kingsley Idehen  on Google+.                                                              

*You can also check out  WebID.INFO 
* Image: Courtesy Semantic Web Conference Ontology (SWC) (Creative Commons 3.0)
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