Sencha Launches Sencha Test, Extending its Web Application Lifecycle Management Platform

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Sencha Launches Sencha Test, Extending its Web Application Lifecycle Management Platform

New Product Optimizes User Experience by Empowering Developers to Easily and Rapidly Test Applications for Multi-device and Cross-browser Compatibility

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Sencha, the company providing a unified platform for designing, developing, deploying and managing cross-platform web applications, today announced the general availability of Sencha Test, a new product designed to empower developers and test automation engineers with easy-to-use unit and functional testing features. Sencha Test works seamlessly with the market leading Ext JS framework to perform tests quickly, and execute them on multiple browsers simultaneously which helps improve product quality and developer efficiency.

“Organizations are under serious pressure to quickly develop, test and deliver sophisticated mission critical web and mobile applications to support and expand their business,” said Art Landro, CEO of Sencha. “At the same time, the demands placed on application development teams are increasing while capacity is not. To deliver a quality product effectively across multiple platforms, browser-based test automation is crucial. With Sencha Test, we’re extending the Sencha Platform to meet enterprise needs across all facets of the application lifecycle. Customers using the early access version of Sencha Test were able to deploy the product in less than five minutes, and more importantly, a third of the customers expect Sencha Test to make their application development cycles 75 percent more efficient.”

Effective testing throughout an application’s lifecycle is an integral and critical success factor but in today’s landscape, developers are challenged to either stitch together a testing system via open source solutions, employ in-house programmers to create and maintain test frameworks, or use commercial tools that don’t address web-specific challenges. With Sencha Test, developers and test automation engineers are able to perform cross-browser testing tailored to the feature-rich needs of Ext JS web applications, and deliver high-quality code at speed and at scale.

“HTML5 and JavaScript are fueling the power of web technology as enterprises continue to adopt cross-platform web development solutions to solve their application needs across multiple devices and platforms,” said Al Hilwa, research program director at IDC. “Test automation is an inherently important element in the development process, and we’re seeing a readiness in the market as enterprises focus on improving productivity across the entire application lifecycle, from app design through testing and deployment.”

The Sencha Web Application Lifecycle Management Platform uses the power of modern web technology to enable enterprises to design, develop, test, deploy and manage web applications that deliver the right end user experience, on the right screen, at the right time.

Sencha Test includes the following capabilities:


  • Write unit and functional tests specifically for Ext JS applications

  • Create tests quickly and easily using an event recorder

  • Organize similar tests into scenarios for long term scalability and maintainability


  • Integrate with existing Continuous Integration (CI) systems

  • Leverage built-in code coverage tool to analyze how much code is being tested


  • Execute tests locally and across browser farms

  • Debug and fix test scripts using the built-in test editor

  • Set up automatic screen capture for visual screen comparison and obtain multiple reports for better analysis


  • Review and report on test results from automated and manual runs

  • Analyze even subtle visual discrepancies on various browsers across multiple runs

  • Spend less time to identify and analyze reasons for test failure

Sencha Test is available now, and can be purchased as an individual product. For more information, please visit: www.sencha.com/products/test/

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