Sencha Touch Brings Great News For Enterprises

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Sencha Touch Brings Great News For Enterprises

Sencha Touch is out, and it's huge for enterprises. The framework is helping enterprises with its design, development, and deployment capabilities.

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There is no denying the fact that applications development has become a buzzword du jour in the IT sector, today. It is said, “any advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” And it seems particularly true in the technological domain where the endless advancements have brought an alarming rise in the apps market. From the youngsters to the middle-aged ones, everybody wants to get a particular task done with just a swipe of a finger. Technology has taken us towards ease, simplicity and speed. The enterprises, today dream of taking their business to the accomplished heights and wish that the apps they develop cover a broad spectrum of audience.  

For this reason, Sencha Touch has come to the forefront to help people enlarge their business and increasing the marketing of their apps. It is a unified and a leading prominent platform for designing, developing, deploying, and managing cross-platform apps. Based on HTML5 and JS, Sencha Touch framework has been able to encompass the incompatible platforms and has been proved to be a blessing for the enterprises as they can have their apps immersed on various operating systems.

Enterprises search for a platform for the development of their apps, that is versatile because their aim is to reach all sorts of audiences and to have their apps immersed on various different sorts of devices. On the similar lines, Sencha has combined its touch framework with Ext JS for a wider applications development across different smartphones, tablets and desktops. Now, one can have their amazing apps on different devices, screen sizes and browsers. In other words, one can say that Sencha Touch development has helped in stepping forward towards developing universal apps.

Moreover, the launch of Sencha GXT 4 which is a comprehensive Java framework, helps in developing rich and responsive web applications. The aim of any new technological advancement is to mobilize the business of the enterprises. The latest release of Sencha GXT 4 would help developers to build desktop apps and extend them to tablets, without making any significant changes in the application’s code base. GXT 4 has come up with the power to enhance enterprise mobilization.

It is no more astonishing to note that about more than 10,000 customers and 60% of the Fortune 100 companies are dependent on Sencha platform to deliver enterprise tich class internet applications, which sums up about the productivity that it adds to the business of enterprises. What makes this platform ahead of the curve is the fact that it inherited the best of Ext JS enabling the developers to deploy ECMAScript 5, CSS3, and HTML5, for the better functionality of an app. The aim is to deliver an enhanced and rich user experience, which is guaranteed with Sencha Touch development framework. Enhance the marketing of your apps with this platform featuring high-performance UI components, assuring a higher ROI.

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