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Sencha Touch or jQuery Mobile?

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If you ever need to choose between jQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch, you need to consider these factors before making your decision:

About jQuery Mobile

  • It’s a UI-only library, which relies on jQuery and jQuery UI for DOM manipulation, Ajax and other utilities
  • To create UI widgets, you generally need to hand-code their html, and the library enhances their look and feel
  • As it works by enhancing the html you create, it allows you to re-use or re-purpose existing html
  • Some simple applications can be created using only html, without having to write JavaScript code
  • It has a relatively small object model, which makes it faster and easier to learn, specially if you are familiar with jQuery
  • It does not impose a coding discipline or structure, which gives you flexibility, but can lead to applications that are difficult to maintain
  • Easier to integrate with other frameworks
  • Targets more devices than Sencha Touch
  • Not tied to a particular vendor

About Sencha Touch

  • It’s a library that tries to do it all: UI widgets, DOM manipulation, Ajax and other utilities
  • Does not depend on other libraries
  • Follows a JavaScript-centric approach, where you are required to write little html
  • Has a large object model, which provides more features out of the box, but takes longer to learn
  • Imposes a coding structure and discipline, which generally results in well-organized code
  • Provides built-in server and local storage abstractions, which make it easier to perform CRUD operations on relational data
  • Has built-in facilities for creating iOS and Android native packages
  • Targets less devices than jQuery Mobile

Now go ahead and start building that application.

Source: http://jorgeramon.me/2011/sencha-touch-or-jquery-mobile-read-this-before-you-make-a-decision/

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