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September in IoT: DIY, IoT Protocols, and Testing

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September in IoT: DIY, IoT Protocols, and Testing

This month in IoT, we focus on the role of IoT protocols, the state of IoT security, and tips for testing, bettering your career, and some cool DIY projects.

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Well, well, well, you find yourself here again (...assuming you've read my other, similar posts). Looking for some interesting ideas for a project? Want to keep abreast of the latest news and trends? Look no further! This month, we focus on career advice, the IoT protocols out there, a hard look at IoT security, and plenty more.

Connecting You With What's Cool

  1. A Close Look at IoT Internet Protocols, by Jordan Eller.
  2. Cost-Effective Testing of IoT Devices With Virtual Labs, by Marc Brown.
  3. The IoT Skills Gap and You, by Cate Lawrence.
  4. First Steps to a Smart Sauna, by Victor Polyakov.
  5. Networking's Primary Role in IoT, by Mike Bushong.

IoT Around the Web

Why Are Businesses Slow to Adopt IoT?

A while ago, we ran a series about what kinds of internal business decisions slow down IoT adoption. Well, here's another look at the problems, this time with a slightly more technical bent. There's a focus on connectivity and networking as well as the mess that is IoT security, all leading to slower IoT adoption.

No, Really, IoT Security Is a Problem

Speaking of IoT security, let's take a look at how those problems are likely to trend as well as the various endpoint security weaknesses you can expect to grow in the future. A lot of this might not exactly be hard news to most, but there's good advice there to make sure your company is following.

Is It Warm In Here? Let's Hook Up a Sensor

While hooking up temperature sensors isn't groundbreaking, everyone has to start somewhere. This project uses a low-cost DHT11 sensor and Raspberry Pi to create a temperature and humidity reader. Definitely worth a look from the tinkerers out there.

Diving Deeper Into IoT

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