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Yesterday, we had two $1500 contributions to the Friends of Eclipse program.  The donations were anonymous but with a comment of:

In the name of Boris Pruessmann for his original work on the P4Eclipse plug-in.


In the name of David Corbin for his original work on the P4Eclipse plug-in.

Since we don’t often get $3000 donations to the Friend of Eclipse program, I thought it would be appropriate to explain the back story.

The donation was actually done by Perforce but in the name of Boris Pruessmann and David Corbin.  Boris and David were the original developers of a plugin called p4eclipse, an Eclipse integration with Perforce SCM.  At one point in time, the project ownership was transferred to Steve McKay at Google but the project development did not proceed aggressively.  In parallel, Perforce also developed their own Eclipse integration but really wanted to have the name P4Eclipse for their plugin.  Steve and Perforce agreed to transfer the name to Perforce, in lieu of a $3000 contribution to the Eclipse Foundation being made in the original authors’ names.

In summary, thank you to Perforce and Steve for the wonderful donation to the Friends of Eclipse.  Thank you to Boris and David for their initial P4eclipse project.   In recognition of the contribution, we are going to make Steve, Boris and David lifetime members of the Friends of Eclipse.   Also if you are looking for great Eclipse and Perforce integration, remember to check out P4Eclipse at Perforce.

From http://ianskerrett.wordpress.com/2011/05/19/serious-friends-of-eclipse/


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