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Session Recording: UserVOD

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Session Recording: UserVOD

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So, you really really want to get inside your users’ UX flow? Or feel like putting together a Greatest User Epic Fail demo reel? Either way, here’s a new SDK for you to check out:

UserVOD: Watch how people use your app

UserVOD is a mobile SDK that helps developers gain insights on how people use their app.

Our SDK records videos of user sessions and captures their actions and gestures…

… Screen recording is done without impacting user experience. Videos are uploaded when users are idle and on WiFi only.

You can take a look at some samples or try it out for yourself before integrating it into your own apps, which is pretty much simple as simple gets, whether you’re running a UIKit or OpenGL or even a Unity app.

Also check out this TechCrunch article on them for references to other session recording options!


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