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Session Video: Developers Improved Their "Solr-Fu" and Explored the Drupal Roadmap @ DrupalCon 2011

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Session Video: Developers Improved Their "Solr-Fu" and Explored the Drupal Roadmap @ DrupalCon 2011

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For interested users of Solr and Drupal users, there was a fantastic session at this month's DrupalCon 2011.  Chris Pliakas and Peter Wolanin, who both work for Acquia, were the presenters.  Here's a synopsis of what the attendees were expecting:

Intended audience: 

Drupal developers interested in improving their Solr-fu.

Questions answered by this session
Question 1: 
What are Solr fields, and how do you map Drupal data onto them?

Question 2: 
What does it take to add more data to your search index?

Question 3: 
Can you take complete control over your search interface and offer more than the default features?

Question 4: 
How can one define custom facets and sorts?

Question 5: 
How do you use the prepare and alter hooks for the query object, and why do they differ?

Attain Apache Solr Coding Chops
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Here's what Peter Wolanin had to say about the session on Acquia's website:

At Drupalcon Chicago, Chris Pliakas and I [Peter Wolanin] presented Attain Apache Solr Coding Chops to an enthusiastic audience. While some of the content was similar to past presentations, we updated it to highlight more of the changes in the Drupal 7.x-1.x version, and Chris added new recipes for building customized search forms and results. ...

We also had a well-attended BoF (close to 30 people) to discuss future module development and a roadmap. ...  Of particular note is plan I've proposed to mark 6.x-2.x as unsupported and forward/back port as appropriate to create a 6.x-3.x branch with a schema in sync with 7.x-1.x. I think this is necessary to make multi-site search feasible between Drupal 7 and Drupal 7 sites. The 6.x-2.x branch will not be able to use the same schema as 7.x-1.x due to the substantial schema changes that people at the BoF felt were appropriate to remove most of the node-specific schema fields (and hence better align with a generic entity API in Drupal 7), as well as changes to use trie date types by default for improved memory use and performance.


DrupalCon oraganizers were even so kind as to allow people to embed the video of the session:

I've also attached the PDF of the slides!  Thanks again, people at DrupalCon!

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