Setting Up Arquillian to Run in Eclipse

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Setting Up Arquillian to Run in Eclipse

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Here is a super quick path to seeing *Arquillian* in action, inside *eclipse*. Do New Project (command-N), pick Maven Project (assuming you have *m2Eclipse* installed). On the 3rd page, the archetype catalog comes up, I have typed in Weld to filter to those archetypes: Note that the selected one is the new release candidate (no longer beta). Pick that. Once the project has been created, you have to add the maven profile to the project settings. First, go into the pom and find the Arquillian profiles. I am going to use the remote one, which means I will leave JBoss running and the runner (*JUnit*) will connect to it and deploy the *shrinkwrap*ped artifact it made. Copy that string to the clipboard. Now, go into the project settings. (You can get in there by typing Command-I.) Highlight the Maven node, you will see the input box on the front page is empty.

Paste the profile name and it will look like this:

Now one last thing to run the tests: start up JBoss. I have 6 installed in the WTP servers window. Note: there is no need to do Add/Remove.

Once it's running, just go to the test and run it like you would any other JUnit test. To see the potential of this workflow in terms of speed, make sure you run the test a few times. The first time it will download a lot of artifacts. The second time, it will be very fast.


This whole process should take maybe 10 minutes. 


From http://www.jroller.com/robwilliams/entry/setting_up_arquillian_to_run


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