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Setup Solr on Windows Running Jetty as a Windows Service

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Setup Solr on Windows Running Jetty as a Windows Service

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Bill Beckelman posted a nice, simple, start-from-scratch tutorial for setting up Solr on Windows.  Using Jetty as the container, he says that the best way to get it running as a Windows service is through NSSM:

"Now that Solr is up and running, we can work on getting Jetty to run as a Windows service. Since Jetty comes bundled with Solr, all we need is a way to run it as a service. There are several options to do this, but the one that I have found works the best and is the most compatible across windows environments is NSSM – the Non Sucking Service."

Nice to see a little humor in a useful Solr tutorial.  Beckelman adds the disclaimer at the beginning of the tutorial:

"*This works on my machine. In no way do I know what I am doing."

To read the full post, follow the Reference Box link.

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