Seven Fresh Bugs in MySQL 8.0

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Seven Fresh Bugs in MySQL 8.0

With the release of MySQL 8.0 DMR, Percona lists some new bugs to keep an eye out for.

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This blog post will look at seven bugs in MySQL 8.0.

Friday afternoon is always ideal for a quick look at the early quality of MySQL 8.0! Last Friday, I did just that.

If you haven’t heard the news yet, MySQL 8.0 DMR is available for download on mysql.com!

Tools to the ready: pquery2, updated 8.0-compatible scripts in Percona-qa, and some advanced regex to wade through the many cores generated by the test run. For those of you who know and use pquery-run.sh, this should mean a lot!

[09:41:50] [21492] ====== TRIAL #39308 ======

In other words, almost 40K trials and 21.5K core dumps (or other significant issues) detected! This run had been churning away on a server for a number of days. On to the bug logging fun!

After reducing test cases and filtering duplicates, we have the following seven bugs logged in upstream;

  • Bug #83120 virtual void Field::store_timestamp(const timeval*): Assertion 'false' failed. 
  • Bug #83118 handle_fatal_signal (sig=11) in replace_user_table.
  • Bug #83117 Assertion MDL_checker::is_read_locked(m_thd, *object)’ failed.
  • Bug #83115 Assertion ‘maybe_null’ failed. handle_fatal_signal in tem_func_concat::val_str.
  • Bug #83114 Assertion strlen(db_name) <= (64*3) && strlen(table_name) <= (64*3)’ failed.
  • Bug #83113 SIGKILL myself on DROP TABLE.
  • Bug #83112 handle_fatal_signal (sig=11) in sp_get_flags_for_command.

First Impressions

MySQL 8.0 DMR is a reasonably solid release for a first iteration.

It seems our friends at upstream are on an excellent path to making MySQL 8.0 another rock-solid release. Chapeau!

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