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Share Your Microservices Knowledge for Prizes!

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Share Your Microservices Knowledge for Prizes!

Check out our Bounty Board for writing prompts that could win you prizes like DZone swag, an Amazon Echo Dot, a minidrone, and more!

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Have you been enjoying DZone's new Microservices Zone? Since February, we've been helping our community share their knowledge on all sorts of microservices topics, and the numbers show that you're as excited about it as we are!

Did you know there's a way to share your know-how with the DZone community that also offers the chance to win a prize? The DZone Bounty Board is a list of prompts that, if chosen for publication on DZone, will earn you a sweet prize, ranging from DZone t-shirts and other swag to gadgets like an Echo Dot, gaming mouse, or minidrone! Here's a sampling of some of the bounties available right now in the Microservices Zone:

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Prompts currently on the Bounty Board.

There are even more bounties for our other zones, as well. See if there's one that matches your area of expertise! All you have to do is create a DZone account, write an original article based on the prompt, Label it as "BOUNTY: (bounty topic)" at the top, and submit it like you normally would, using the "Post" button at the top of the site. If our editors choose it for publication, you'll be contacted about your prize.

To show how the Bounty Board helps our community share their knowledge, here are some of the great articles in the Microservices Zone that have been inspired by bounty prompts:

  1. Building Microservices Using Spring Boot and Docker - Part 1 and Part 2, by Shamik Mitra. This tutorial will help you learn how to build and deploy microservices using Spring Boot and  Docker containers.

  2. What Can Microservices Bring to DevOps? by Juni Mukherjee. See how microservices and DevOps complement each other, fuel experimentation, and accelerate adoption.

  3. What I Do Not Want to Hear About Microservices Anymore! by Thomas Jardinet. Let's take a deeper look at microservices misconceptions and how to lay them to rest.
  4. Microservices - Central Config Server Layer, by Akash Bhingole. Learn how to set up the central config server layer in a Spring Boot microservice.
  5. Microservices: Hype vs. Substance, by Dmitriy Shelepin. Read on to get the truth about the challenges and advantages of microservices.

These and other tech writers have reaped the benefits of the bounty board and contributed to the vibrant DZone community. What are you waiting for? Take a look at our Bounty Board now!

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