Sharing Your API Platform Roadmap And Telling The Story Like Readme.io

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Sharing Your API Platform Roadmap And Telling The Story Like Readme.io

Another best practice when you have a public API is to share with your users the roadmap of what is coming. If it reads like a story all the better.

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Sharing your platform's roadmap with the public, and your community is an often overlooked aspect of API operations but is one that can go a long way to communicate your plans for the future with your community. This is why I carved the concept out into its own research area, to help me better understand how the successful API providers, as well as API service providers are publishing, sharing, and communicating around their roadmap.

One example of this recently is out of the API documentation service provider Readme.io, who didn't just publish a nice, simple, and clean roadmap for their platform, they also told the story of the process. This is a great way to announce that you have a roadmap for the platform but is also something you should repeat as often as possible, telling the story of what you just added to the roadmap and as much detail on why.

Sharing your roadmap, and the story behind goes a long way in lowering the anxiety around what the future holds for your API consumers, something that lets them know that you care about them enough to share what you have planned. In my opinion, a roadmap for an API platform shows that you have empathy for your community, and is something I like to encourage and support, by showcasing the process of your roadmap storytelling here on my blog when I can.

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