Shell Scripting Notes – Searching Matching Filenames and Matching Content

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Shell Scripting Notes – Searching Matching Filenames and Matching Content

Here are a few shell scripting notes that might be useful to you.

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Some random shell scripting notes for future reference:

  • On OS X: find -E . -regex ‘pattern’

    • E specifies extended regex support
  • On Linux flavors: find . -regextype posix-regex -regex ‘pattern’

  • Posix vs basic vs extended regex character class differences.

  • Pipe result to newfile > : eg grep ‘pattern’ file > output.txt

  • Pipe result appending to file > : eg grep ‘pattern’ file >> output.txt

  • Capture output as String? : $(some expression)

Iterate files:

for f in some-file-pattern or something producing a list of files
do ... done

Use find . -name ‘pattern’ to recurse matching files down subdirs

Find with a regex for multiple patterns:

find -E . -regex ".*ext1|.*ext2|.*ext3"

first line of file:

head -n 1 filename

grep -o : only display match

Match patterns in file and output matches or matched groups:

for f in `find -E . -regex ".*ext1|.*ext2|.*ext3"`
line=$(head -n 1 $f)
if [[ $line =~ TextAtStartOfLine:[[:space:]]*([[:digit:]]+) ]]; then
echo "${BASH_REMATCH[0]}" # print whole match
echo "${BASH_REMATCH[1]}" # print 1st group match

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Match files, patterns in files, and pipe matches to file:

for f in $(find -E . -regex ".*ext1|.*ext2|.*ext3")
echo $f $'\n' $(egrep -o 'TextAtStartOfLine:[[:space:]]*[[:digit:]]+' $f) $'\n' >> report"$(date)".txt

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