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Short Reviews of Cross Browser Testing Tools

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Short Reviews of Cross Browser Testing Tools

Need to test those browsers? Here's a brief overview of a few sweet testing tools, including Adobe Browserlab, Browsershots, and Saucelabs.

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With varying web browsers in the current market and the endless combination with the different operating systems, the behavior of web applications presents issues that can prevent the important functions from running uniformly throughout all browsers. Cross Browser testing reviews and compares the functionality and the styles of a website across multiple browsers, operating systems, and mobile displays.

Each of us work in our favorite browser. This makes us forget to test the application in the other browsers. Cross browser Testing checks the compatibility of the web application across the different web browsers and ensures that the web application performs efficiently across all of them. It tests both the client side and the server side of the Web Application.

The classical way of cross browser testing is to run the web application on as many computers and combinations of operating systems and web browsers. But nowadays there are much more efficient ways of testing web applications across different browsers. Here we have reviewed some of the cross browser testing tools.

Adobe Browserlab 

It is a free cross browser testing tool that gives a number of views, including single browser full page view, as well as a comparative side by side view. It also has the ability to create a pre-defined browser set for testing.


It is a free and one of the most comprehensive testing tool which includes Linux and Windows. It also includes additional browsers that are not generally used as of now. It carries out testing on the latest versions of each browser. However, with the added number of browsers the result generation of this tool slows down.


It is a triple engine browser which runs on Windows. It supports all the three major rendering engines - Webkit for Safari and Chrome, Gecko for Firefox and Trident for Internet Explorer. Thus the web application under test can be viewed under in all the major web browsers. It also supports the add-on extensions for Firefox plugins which further helps to diagnose compatibility problems.

IE Tester

It is a free Windows Browser that supports the rendering and the Javascript engine for IE10 to IE5.5 on Windows 7, XP and Vista.


It is a service for emulating application. It includes multiple versions of each browser.


It provides with a number of browser and OS combinations. It sets up a Virtual Machine Instance,that operates inside the browser. It also helps to build automated tests with the help of Selenium.

Cloud Testing:

It helps to perform cross browser functional testing. The user interaction is recorded with the browser and Selenium IDE and then uploaded for Cloud Testing which runs the script in multiple operating systems.


It includes tools for testing for both Mobile and Desktop. It gives remote access for live testing in Windows, OS X and Linux configurations.

Cross Browser Testing

This tool provides with interactive testing on browsers with Virtual Network Computing sessions. It can generate screen shots across multiple browsers.

Multi Browser Viewer

This covers both mobile and desktop browsers. It supports 26 Web browsers, five mobile browsers and 61 screen shot browsers. It is also available in multiple languages – English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.


There exists a great deal of variation between browsers and its different versions. This necessitates cross browser testing to ensure that all the pages are rendered as intended. A web application should be tested in those browsers that hold the most market share. Regardless of the testing tool that is chosen, the Web Application testing process should be preferably be shifted earlier in the development cycle. This can save a lot of time, effort and money later on.

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