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Innovate, Collaborate, Replicate success says OpenStack’s Jonathan Bryce | OpenStack Superuser

Rob LeFebvre’s interviewed OpenStack Foundation Executive Director Jonathan Bryce. Bryce revealed his simple goal for OpenStack: providing the open and accessible tools to give the world all the computing capacity it will need in the future. Bryce said he believes that for OpenStack to keep moving forward, the community needs to continue to innovate, collaborate, and duplicate success.

Support is Now the Differentiator in the OpenStack Race |

Sam Dean discussed the current ‘tipping point’ of the OpenStack industry. Dean detailed how competition is leading to market consolidation, and that moving forward the key differentiator between major OpenStack players will be support. Dean finally stated how especially in the open source world, companies that provide quality support are proven to succeed.

Larry Ellison Lays It On the Line: 5 Highlights From Oracle OpenWorld | Forbes

Rob Preston covered Larry Ellison’s keynotes from this week’s Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. Ellison’s talks asserted several major points: IT as a utility service is now a reality, security continues to be job number 1, AWS is more closed than the IBM mainframe, and that Oracle can bring their cloud to your premise. 

OpenStack Growth – By the Numbers and In Real Life | Tesora

Tesora’s Frank Days examined projections for OpenStack growth by 451 Research, with estimated OpenStack-related revenue at about 1.7 billion this year alone. Days continued to apply his thoughts on OpenStack growth to a real life example, giving his observations from the OpenStack Days East event this past August. He cited the enterprises that presented at the event and the number of servers they support running on OpenStack.

Common OpenStack Deployments released |

Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph talked about the release of her second book, Common OpenStack Deployments. Joseph received help from her contributing author, Matt Fischer, and said his Puppet and OpenStack expertise proved very valuable to the book’s publication. Joseph decided to publish this book with the goals of clarifying what exactly OpenStack is, and to detail how to build clouds valuable to a business.