Short Stack: OpenStack Turns 6, 7 Characteristics of Open Leaders, and an OpenStack Day Ireland Recap

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Welcome to the Short Stack, our regular feature where we search for the most intriguing OpenStack news. These links may come from traditional publications or company blogs, but if it's about OpenStack, we'll find the best ones.

Here are our latest links:

OpenStack Turns 6: Community Focuses on Collaboration, Growth | The OpenStack Blog

With OpenStack's sixth birthday quickly approaching, Ashlee Ferguson highlighted the schedule of community events marking the occasion. Next week, more than 45 OpenStack birthday celebrations will be held all over the world between 80 user groups in 179 countries. Superuser TV will also be conducting live interviews with community organizers around the world to discuss how they plan on celebrating the big day.

OpenStack Newton Release: What’s Next for Cinder, Neutron, and Nova  | OpenStack Superuser

The Project Technical Leads (PTLs) of the Cinder, Neutron, and Nova projects discussed upcoming features for their respective projects. Sean McGinnis (Cinder PTL), Armando Migliaccio (Neutron PTL), and Matt Riedemann (Nova PTL) explained how others can become involved and influence the roadmap for each project. Superuser will feature weekly summaries on the OpenStack Foundation YouTube channel.

7 Characteristics of Open Leaders |

Jackie Yeaney dissected several characteristics of successful leaders in the open source community. She defined open leaders as being authentic, accessible, trusting, risk-taking, and vulnerable. Yeaney stated that the most powerful characteristics manifest themselves as actions and influence the way others around you behave.

OpenStack Day Ireland 2016 | IBM OpenTech

Martin Hickey reflected on the first OpenStack Day Ireland, held last month in Dublin. He described the presentations as outstanding and noted a few that stood out to him. Hickey noted that this OpenStack Day event was a good starting point to promoting OpenStack in Ireland with a focus on increasing the number of contributors.

Mirantis Embracing Kubernetes and Containers for OpenStack Cloud | Datamation
Mirantis announced that they are continuing their work enabling OpenStack to run as a set of containers. They are presently developing a new version of their Fuel platform to make use of Kubernetes. Moving forward, Puppet will still be a part of future Fuel releases, though not quite in the same depth as before. CMO Boris Renski noted that since Kola, the OpenStack container-focused project, already exists, Mirantis will contribute code to Kubernetes in the future.

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