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SUSE Buys HPE’s OpenStack and Cloud Foundry Assets | TechCrunch

SUSE announced this week that they would acquire Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’s OpenStack and Cloud Foundry assets and employees. HPE recently decided to sell its software business to MicroFocus, SUSE’s parent company. SUSE stated that the move will help them strengthen their existing OpenStack portfolio and that the acquisition of the Cloud Foundry and other Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS) assets will allow them to prepare their own enterprise-ready SUSE Cloud Foundry solution for market. Additionally, SUSE will become HPE’s open source partner for Linux, OpenStack, and Cloud Foundry.

What’s New With OpenStack Upstream Training | OpenStack Superuser

Márk Korondi, Kendall Nelson, Ildikó Váncsa discussed the two-day Upstream Training put on by the OpenStack Foundation before the OpenStack Summit. This training allowed and encouraged OpenStack newcomers to participate in a community setting. Throughout the course, experienced contributors explained different ways to become involved in the community– from working group involvement to providing code and documentation contributions to communication.

4 OpenStack Guides to Help You Build Your OpenStack Cloud | Opensource.com

Jason Baker summarized four new tutorials in his OpenStack guide roundup. He includes tutorials on how to run Rally in a Packstack environment, how to use full stack animation with Ansible and OpenStack, a deep dive into OpenStack Horizon, and use cases on integrating Ceph with OpenStack.

OpenStack Focus | Ed Leafe

Ed Leafe discussed the current lack of focus in the OpenStack community. He disclosed that many believe OpenStack is losing its momentum because of the effects of the Big Tent. Leafe detailed that he believes it isn’t up to the governing bodies of OpenStack to refocus efforts in the heart of OpenStack, but it is the responsibility of the contributors.

Defining Success in OpenStack (With Heisenberg In Mind) | Tesora

Tesora CTO Amrith Kumar discussed Thierry Carrez and Ed Leafe’s recent blog posts on the focus of OpenStack. Given the ongoing debate about the efficacy of the Big Tent, Kumar proposed that we do not incentivize people to do things that make OpenStack successful. He stated that actual adoption should be first priority as it is all that matters.