ShortStack: Godaddy Offers OpenStack-based Cloud Services, Red Hat Crosses $2b in Revenue, and More

Check out this week's collection of OpenStack-related news curated for you by the ShortStack team.

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Welcome to the Short Stack, our regular feature where we search for the most intriguing OpenStack news. These links may come from traditional publications or company blogs, but if it’s about OpenStack, we’ll find the best ones.

Here are our latest links:

GoDaddy Offers Amazon-like Cloud Services, Based on OpenStack | OStatic

GoDaddy, the small business domain host, announced this week that they have expanded their hosting services to offer cloud servers. The new offerings will be focused on the individual developers, tech entrepreneurs, and IT professionals. These applications will allow them to quickly build, test, and scale cloud solutions. Their suite of computing services has OpenStack at the center. 

OpenStack Operators Voice Key Takeaways, Updates From Manchester Midcycle | OpenStack Superuser 

Over one hundred from three different continents gathered at the first European OpenStack ops mid-cycle in Manchester last month. Heidi Joy Tretheway, senior marketing manager at the OpenStack Foundation, and Shamail Tahir, offering manager for OpenStack initiatives at IBM, hosted the event. In the Superuser TV interviews, event organizers discussed the first meeting of the scientific working group, the Keystone Federation, and updates from the Nova project team leads. 

Managed Services for OpenStack - Clearing the Path for Enterprise Cloud Adoption | CIO Review 

Scott Crenshaw, Rackspace’s SVP of Strategy & Product, detailed how the company’s managed services for OpenStack are paving the way for continued OpenStack adoption both on the inside and for enterprises at large. Crenshaw believes that the 'open' model which permeates the OpenStack community allows for contribution and innovation from all sides. 

Red Hat Crosses $2B in Revenue as OpenStack Cloud Grows | ServerWatch 

On Tuesday, Red Hat announced its fourth quarter and full year fiscal 2016 financial results. They are the first open-source vendor to generate over $2 billion in annual revenue. Red Hat is crossing the $2 billion threshold only four years after Red Hat recorded its first $1 billion year back in 2012. One of the biggest shifts since 2012 has been the company’s move to the cloud with OpenStack. 

5 Tips Every Open Source Project Manager Should Consider | 

Safia Abdalla discussed the gender gap in the open source community, and how to increase women’s participation in open source projects. She suggested five tips: enforcing codes of conduct, effectively moderating communications on pull requests and issues, creating a healthy and welcoming environment for new contributors, building non-digital spaces, and practicing empathy. Through these methods, Abdalla believes open source projects can create communities that are both diverse and inclusive. 

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