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Should SaaS Count Among the Clouds?

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Should SaaS Count Among the Clouds?

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JP Morgenthal, IT expert and author, questions whether SaaS should really be included within the cloud computing definition.  Using a debate from Focus.com as a launching-point, Morgenthal argues his perspective:

"Let's use Facebook as the reference model for answering this question. As I posited in the discussion at Focus.com, how Facebook chooses to implement their applications mostly irrelevant to us as consumer of that application.  To make assumptions about their application's architecture or to incorporate knowledge from interviews and articles about how Facebook works into our discussion to call Facebook a cloud acts to introduce irrelevant information about the discussion.  To incorporate SaaS or any application under the moniker of cloud merely begs the question of the value of the term to the industry and the role marketing is playing in formulating this industry."

Check out Morgenthal's article and the Focus.com debate to weigh in. 

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