Shuffle Lets iPhone Users Maintain Their Privacy

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Shuffle Lets iPhone Users Maintain Their Privacy

Hide your phone number and email address from strangers online.

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If you’re like me, you’ve seen a rise in the number of robocalls -- automated phone calls that deliver a pre-recorded message or connect with a telemarketer -- to your cell phone.

According to a recent latest National Robocall Index™ report by YouMail, every second, 963 robocalls are made somewhere in America. In total, an estimated 2.5 billion robocalls were made in March to U.S. phones.

That’s why Craig Collet, Founder and CEO, of Shuffle started his company. Craig is concerned about privacy, especially given the amount of information that’s associated with cell phone numbers and individuals today. Shuffle empowers users to choose how they want to interact with the world.

Subscribers to the app can create different shuffle numbers for different people or companies on a single device enabling you to call and message privately and securely.

Shuffle is particularly popular for people who want different numbers for:

  • A second phone number
  • Job search
  • Home business or second business
  • Dating
  • Social networking
  • Local numbers for a geographically-dispersed business
  • Classified ads (i.e. Craig’s List)
  • Short-term projects
  • Staying in touch with different people (i.e. professional, personal, private)

To date the app has several thousand users in 35 countries with the vast majority in the U.S. and Canada. The average subscriber has 1.5 numbers; however, some business users have as many as 20 since they want to have a local number to call for each of the markets they’re serving. According to Collett, users are finding value in the service as 80% of users continue their subscriptions from month to month.

Keep an eye out in the Fall since Shuffle is developing advanced privacy features that will be ready by then.

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