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Signs That Tell You to Outsource Mobile App Development

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Signs That Tell You to Outsource Mobile App Development

Do you need to make an app with highly complex functionality, but don't have the means to hire an in-house team? Consider brining in outside experts.

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App development is as interesting as it is complex. If you are not an expert, things can go haywire to the point of no return. DIY (Do It Yourself) is quite in fashion, but in a scenario like mobile app development, this paradigm generally does not work. Apart from the skills, a lot of experience is required when it comes to developing apps that can do serious stuff.

You might have been successful in building a mobile app on your own, but are you getting the expected results? If your answer is no, you need to look for the red flags that tell you to outsource the mobile app development process and concentrate on your core competency.

3 Signals That Tell You It’s Time to Outsource

Long Development Process

Surveys around the world by outsystems.com revealed that it takes around 6 months to 1 year for an app to get delivered. At a time when mobile apps are driving businesses, such a slow development process can prove to be highly detrimental. When the process is outsourced, a dedicated team of UI designers, programmers, project managers, and testers ensure that everything is swift and the app is delivered a lot quicker.

Lack Of Expertise

One of the reasons behind a long development timetable can be the lack of expertise and skills. Even if you hire a few developers and decide to get the app built on your own, the results will not be satisfactory. Every aspect of the app development process needs an expert and hiring every one of them will escalate the costs. If you feel this issue is plaguing your app development process, you need to go ahead with outsourcing.

Poor MVP

MVP stands for, Minimum Viable Product. It is the product that can be released followed by its iterations. In the context of mobile apps, releasing an MVP can be a bad idea. First, because MVPs are half-baked, you cannot take the risk of offering the users a half-baked app, as the first impression of the app matters the most. More than 75% of the users abandon an app after 72 hours.  


Studies have shown that an app has 60 seconds or less to impress the users or it runs the risk of being uninstalled. In a day and age when mobile apps have emerged as the backbone of businesses, your app needs to be high on functionality as well as visual appeal. This implies that the apps must be developed only by those who are the masters of this craft. If you can read signs mentioned above in your mobile app development process, it’s time you outsource.

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