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Silverlight Cream for November 15, 2010 -- #993

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Silverlight Cream for November 15, 2010 -- #993

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Above the Fold:

Silverlight: "Using a Grid as the Panel for an ItemsControl"
Colin Eberhardt
WP7: "Windows Phone 7 Development Best Practices Wiki V0.1"
Justin Angel
MVVM: "Jounce Part 7: Validation and Save/Confirm/Cancel Operations"
Jeremy Likness


If you're in Portland and ya wanna go to the Firestarter... Erik Mork & Co. scored a bus: Silverlight Firestarter Bus – Portland edition

You should probably not miss this LIDNUG presentation by Scott Guthrie this Friday, November 19th: LIDNUG: Scott Guthrie Talks Shop VII

From SilverlightCream.com:

Windows Phone 7 Development Best Practices Wiki V0.1
Justin Angel has an awesome Wiki page up for WP7 development, and I thought that even before I saw 2 shoutouts to me :) ... thanks for the effor, Justin, *and* the shoutouts... this is going on the RH sidebar at WynApse.com

Using a Grid as the Panel for an ItemsControl
Colin Eberhardt has a nice post up about making the ItemsControl and Grid play nicely together... lotsa code, good pictures... everything a good SL Dev needs :)

Building Extensible WCF Service Interfaces With DataContractResolver
While not strictly Silverlight, Kellabyte has an interesting Extensible WCF Service Interface post up ... could be right down the alley we're working in!

Yet Another Podcast #14 – Shawn Wildermuth
Jesse Liberty has his latest "Yet Another Podcast" up and this time he's interviewing Shawn Wildermuth ... so much information, so little time!

Jounce Part 7: Validation and Save/Confirm/Cancel Operations
Jeremy Likness is making Jounce look more and more enticing... part 7 of his walk through the feature set is on data validation and CRUD operations.

WP7 – Using the Microsoft AdControl
Ryan Alford has a post up talking about the Microsoft AdControl for WP7 ... nice tutorial starting with downloading the control

WP7 Development Tip of the Day: Trial Mode
Brad Tutterow's latest WP7 Tip is about the use of Trial Mode... as someone who lurks around the Marketplace, I'll tell you... use trial mode in your apps!

Stay in the 'Light!

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