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For my first real project on Google App Engine, I thought I’d try something simple and small. Quoats, what I’ve decided to call it, is an idea that’s been sitting in the back of my head for a long time.

Quoats is a website app that displays nothing but a single sentence from a random website found on the Internet. The website is random as is the sentence chosen. I guess I’m hoping that it’ll be something like a 21st century Yi Jing in that based on your intention, something profound may appear :)

There are several small things to figure out, such as

  • What’s the best way to get a random URL on the web?
  • How do I select only a single sentence randomly from the page using Java?
  • How will this all work with Google App Engine?

I’m green, I’ll admit it. I’m new to Java and Google App Engine. But, I’ve created the app space on Assembla and shared the source code* so you can follow along if you are looking to see how it’s going. I’ll be sharing my experiences and what I’ve learned about both Java and Google App Engine on this blog with the end goal being turning Quoats into a sample app newbies can use to learn how things work.

* I’ve built the project off of the source code from the Guestbook sample Java project that is included with the Google App Engine plugin for Netbeans. Does anyone know the license of that project? I’d like to release the source in accordance with that license.


From http://rocky.developerblogs.com/projects/sample-projects/simple-gae-app-quoats/


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