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Simple Nested Pathing For Basic Routes

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Simple Nested Pathing For Basic Routes

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If you are using simple resources and actions you can use the following snippet to make simple path links.
such as Home > Items > New
First add this to the application helper.

module ApplicationHelper

  def path_links
    link_to("Home", controller.parent_path) 
      + " > " + link_to(controller.controller_name, :controller => controller.controller_path, :action => :index) 
      + " > " + link_to(controller.action_name, :controller => controller.controller_path, :action => controller.action_name)


Now in your layout simply call path_links. You will get something like the following
Home > customers > new

Now add the new method to the application_controller

def parent_path

If you desire to use namespaces like /system/users/new then simply override the parent_path method in the base controller for that namespace.

class SystemController < ApplicationController
  def parent_path

I'm working on a more robust method to capture all of the possible routes.

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