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Simplicity and Client-Side MVCs

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Simplicity and Client-Side MVCs

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After spending about six monthss on this new project using BackboneJS, and spending some time learning AngularJS and EmberJS, my realization at this point is:

Use client-side MVCs very Selectively.

Sometimes on a single page of your app, you need to offer a lot of interactions, each scoped to a small part of the page only. In such cases, a client-side MVC offers some neat features. I’ll try to share my perspective with some concrete examples where I’d say yes or no to a client-side MVC.

  1. Build a Calendar page - Yes.
  2. Build a Master/Detail view - No.
  3. Build a Credit Card Payment Form - No.
  4. Build a Story Wall like Trello - Yes.
  5. Build an Airport Departures/Arrivals display - No.
  6. Build a Search form - No.

As you can see here, I suggest using it only when a lot of client-side interactions can happen, with little server side data requests.

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