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Simplifying the Life of the Security Analyst

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Simplifying the Life of the Security Analyst

Gemini Atlas enables faster situational awareness for security.

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SBOX Inc, aprovider of automated deployment and management for leading big data platforms, announced that effective today the company is expanding its product capabilities and changing its name to Gemini. With the name change, the company also launched Gemini Atlas, a SaaS solution powered by AI that enables security analysts to conduct fast investigations across disparate information silos, to help organizations achieve true situational awareness.

“In our experience helping enterprise customers throughout North America, Europe and Asia deploy and manage big data platforms, we have seen an even greater need emerge in the market,” said Tony Ayaz, CEO, Gemini. “Analysts are overwhelmed with information and alerts from applications and security solutions. They have no simple way to quickly identify and comprehend critical information from disparate systems, or collaborate to conduct faster, more thorough investigations. This is why we’re enhancing our technology stack to simplify the life of the security analyst. We want to empower analysts to reduce time to action.”

By bringing together machine and human intelligence, and combining security, application and enterprise data into meaningful facts at scale, Gemini simplifies investigations by allowing analysts to connect the dots and see the big picture across users, systems, and applications in a multi-dimensional way. This allows analysts to focus on solving problems not data management, thereby improving operational security. Teams can share investigations and collaborate around “stories”, thus building an organizational knowledge base.

“We’re committed to continuing to help our global customers deploy and manage data platforms rapidly and securely, and now we look expand on that by filling a void when it comes to holistic security operations,” Ayaz said.

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