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Single Page Apps Session Slide Deck

Single Page Apps Session Slide Deck

Today I had the pleasure of delivering a Single Page Applications (SPAs) session in SELA SDP December 2013 conference. 
I want to thank all the session attendees! I hope that you had good time.

The session agenda was as follows:

• The Road to Single Page Apps
• What is a SPA?
• SPA Building Blocks and Architecture
• AMD and RequireJS
• MVC using BackboneJS
• A Simple SPA

You can take a look at the slide deck here:

In the session I mentioned TodoMVC website which can help you choose your MV* framework/library. 
I also used the TodoMVC version that uses BackboneJS and RequireJS. You can take a look at the that example here.

See you tomorrow in the TypeScript session.

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