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The Single Point Of Failure

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As a SOHO Developer one of the many challenges is the fact that there is no one else to discuss code changes with. This is a bigger deal than it sounds as I, for one, am a great believer that two minds are better than one. If you are unsure of the best way to implement some functionality and, as usual, there are a million-and-one ways to do it, discussing the problem with someone can be of great benefit. Without someone to discuss changes with your blind spots will not be covered by a colleague looking at your code, potentially more bugs could creep into your code base and there are less opportunities to learn from other peoples experiences. So what can you do? Well here are some suggestions.

1. Find a coding buddy. It’s a bit like dating. Find someone, an old colleague maybe, or someone from a forum you visit regularly to look at your code and critique it.

2. Post your code on a forum website and ask for peoples opinion. If you look on a site such as stack overflow you can often find plenty of these.

3. Read the blog or blogs of a codesmith you respect. I do this a lot and I often learn a lot by reading about other peoples experiences.

4. Leave a comment on the blog of a codesmith you respect. If you have read a post on an idea or some functionality you have been thinking about then leave a comment about how you would write the piece of code or your opinion on the idea. The blog author may well leave a reply and your are more than likely to get some replies from other readers.

5. Post on Reddit. Reddit has a huge readership if you want to get a plethora of comments (both negative and positive) then leave a post on Reddit.

These are a few ideas about how you can mitigate some of the challenges a SOHO Developer faces. By using some of these techniques it should reduce the possibility that you will become the single point of failure for your code.

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